Can a Teenager Find Evidence for the Resurrection?

Hi my name is Bailey Packard. Welcome to The Rez Project.
So you may be wondering…What is The Rez Project?
As a teenager, I want to find evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
What historic and scientific evidence is there for
what many call the greatest miracle of human history?
And even if it is true?
Why should you care?
Why is the resurrection relevant to young people like me?

I guarantee you some of the stuff on this website, you have never seen before.
If you are a Christian.  This video will challenge you.
If your not a christian, then.let’s talk about that on this site and on our Facebook page…me and my friends want to know where you stand in your faith journey.

Our interest in the Supernatural
As teens we are taking a different approach to Jesus and the Resurrection.
Yes he was a huge historical figure… but. the thing that gets me about Jesus are the things he said and did…. He said He as God!  He did miracles to prove it….who else in history turns water into wine?  Heals so many sick people.  Feeds thousands on a few loaves and fishes.  Who else walks on water?  Raises his friends from the dead.  Predicts his own death…tells his friends that he won’t stay dead.  And THEN it happens exactly the way he said it would.   The Resurrection, if it’s true, I mean come on…. how can you dismiss something as awesome as that?